Stakes that go well beyond Greece… by Rena Dourou


Greece is considered the land of mythology. And it seems prime minister Antonis Samaras is doing his best in order to keep this legend alive. By presenting his new year wishes, Mr Samaras depicted a reality that has nothing to do with the day to day reality every Greek citizen is dealing with. Either he is doing this in purpose either he has no idea idea how bad is the situation he helped created with his government. In either case Samaras looks like a dangerous politician since he is unable to deal with the real problem Greek society faces. He is unable to realize what the Greek people needs today.

Today Greeks do not need more taxes – because they are paying already enough.

Greeks do not need more big words about magic potions which will bring growth from abroad just because “Greece has changed” and has “recovered its credibility”.

Greeks need to be told the truth.

And the truth is that the sacrifices they have been put through are needless, because they are subject to a dogmatic approach about imposing austerity as a medicine to the debt problem. What this kind of medicine is achieving deepen the crisis because of the recession deepening.

Greece in 2013 has entered its sixth consecutive year of recession – it is really as if the country was at war. Unemployment is heading towards 30%; its main victim is the young, where joblessness exceeds 50%. The homeless are becoming a new reality for the big cities in my country – the same is true with the free meals offered to them by NGOs and the Greek church. Many foreign networks have aired stories about the new generation of Greek homeless people: but this is far more than a human-interest story.

This kind of reality is beyond the “reality” described by Mr Samaras and the two leaders of his coalition government.
Today our people need to know that there is a real way out of the crisis – because the Samaras, Venizelos, Kouvelis recipe (which in fact is rubber-stamping the IMF/EU recipe) is simply not a way to overcome the disaster happening but to compound it and make it last for the decades to come. And my country just cannot afford the loss of one or two decades.

Today Greek people need to be presented with a honest and reliable policy opening the path for growth and for fiscal consolidation but in such a way it does not hurt workers, employees, pensioners. In a way that it does not destroy education and health system.

SYRIZA is working on this kind of concrete plan to get out of the impasse. We are very well aware of the difficulties ahead us. But we propose two simple things: First, to radically change the solution – not because we want to impose a “Left” solution but simply because the current one does not work! Second, we want Europe to find again its soul. The one of solidarity and democracy.

Because the main victim of this crisis which hits not only Greece but the all European countries, is Democracy. And if Europe loses this battle, it is going to loose its “raison d’être”.

That is why the stakes that SYRIZA raises for Greece concern all the peoples of Europe!



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